Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Stray Mutt to Spokesperson

When Richard and Chae Lin first adopted me from the shelter, I thought they merely wanted a soft furry welcome waiting to lap at their knees everyday. But after someone who thought me movie material approached them - well, they had bigger plans for me. Me, a former mangy stray, now the New Face of SPCA. So on a fine morning when I would rather have been sleeping in, I was pulled out of my soft bed and put in front of a camera. Hmmph. You know I'd never thought much of my looks; but I must say I look like a handsome cad on camera. Hugh Jackman, it's curtains for you.

Chae Lin prepping me for a long day ahead

One of the first scenes took place at a busy street. I can tell you I felt mighty grand when they brought traffic to a halt just for me. What a difference from the days cars actually tried to run me down! I can remember an old friend on the street being run over, and no one so much as stopped to help. Sad... Which is why I didn't whine too much when they made me repeat a simple running scene 15 times. I'm lucky to be here, really.

Lookit me run! Lookit me earn my biscuits. Ain't I a good doggy?

After all the running back and forth, the shoot ('shoot' - what a scary name! good thing it doesn't involve bullets and those ugly hulking dog hunters) came to a halt when it rained for 2 hours straight. By then I was decidedly hungry, a healthy appetite having devoured most of my doggy snacks. Seeing me beg with my puppy eyes (I may be getting old but I still know how to work 'em!), a young girl shared the Cheezels she was eating with me. Ahh, cheese. *happy yip*

Richard & me getting some much needed rest

--- OK, wait; where was I? Look, that cat was being a tease; I just HAD to chase it. Slimy lil thing. Right...the commercial shoot. I suppose now that I've had my fun, I really should tell you what the story is all about....

Or maybe I should just let you watch the thing. Be patient! The commercial is being launched in a few days' time. (That is all I know; dogs don't do dates. We depend on humans to keep track of those things.) Frankly, though, I can't wait to see it. Every dog and dog-lover in the nation is gonna love this. Possibly cat-lovers too. Yes, I'm that irresistible. You shoulda seen the shop owner's face in the one scene he shared with me! It's a wonder more of us aren't adopted. We ARE ever so loveable.
And to milk the most out of my 'loveability', perhaps I'll go persuade a nice rubdown out of my dear owners - or a snack even. And then settle down in the cosy little patch of sun over there for a nap.

If that cat doesn't come back, that is.

- - - -

LATEST edit: my YouTube page is up! I've just uploaded my first video - the Making of my debut appearance. More to come soon =P


  1. cant wait for the commercial, do post it here, if possible with sub. Hehe

  2. Will do!
    Supposedly the commercial will air Sept 4. i will post it on my YouTube page as well! Look out for it. =P

  3. Kk, thx thx. Cant wait for it. If need votes or anything, count me in. Hehe. Always vote for their well being.

    Be an ethical owner!