Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poochi's Story

Hello, faithful followers! Got something new to share with you, but first: a lil update.
Seeing as I'll be out doing numerous doggy things and being busy with my owners Chae Lian & Richard for the next few months, The Serpent Charlemaine is taking over the running of this blog.

Yes, being a busy mutt has left this psace somewhat non-happening for a while. Sorry bout that. We dogs are consistent at a lot of things - chasing chew toys, begging for scraps, munching on things we shouldn't - but not, apparently, and maintaining blogs.

(it doesn't help that we need humans to type on our behalf; paws & keyboards aren't exactly a match made in heaven.)

The Serpent Charlemaine, who also has her own rant-space here, is a dog-lover and is now helping promote one of SPCA's long-running causes: the spaying/neutering of pets.

You may remember the commercial starring yours truly some time ago. Well, we couldn't let the message die so the folks who made that video have created another one:

Poochi, by the way, is the name of an actual pet dog I know. In fact it's a pretty common name for poodles...and almost equally common, is what happens (or nearly happens) in this short animation.

Horny mutts exist, and pets occasionally - touch wood - get lost. Don't let your darling have a bad misadventure...prevention is protection! Share the vid and spread the message, won't you?

Thanks! *doggy kisses* =P

Gotta go for now. Be nice to Charlemaine while she's here. I'll catch ya sooner or later...