Thursday, August 27, 2009

All I Ever Wanted

Dragged out of the wet night streets and into the arms of a loving family. A dream that comes true for too few strays - but came true for me. Lucky fella, I am. *insert contented Woof here* As I am typing this with the aid of a loyal owner, a production house is putting together a film of me - that's right, me - starring in a commercial that will soon be aired on Television. I don't understand these humans and their fascination for this Television - but what's great is that I get to curl up beside them on the couch as they watch their moving pictures. (Occasionally they feed me chips, which is even greater.)

And look here - my first blog entry EVER. This InterNet thing is so much more fun than boring Television. *excited Woofs* My owners decided it would be a good idea to share my story with the world. Who knows, by the time my screen debut is on air, I may already be famous.

But the fame is not important to me. I prefer biscuits - fame is overrated. Really. You humans have no idea what it is to be full and happy and sleepy, and warm, and loved. This is my tale. And this is just the beginning. More to come soon....

In the meantime, good night! (It is not actually night now, but us dogs can curl up for a nap anytime; and this cushion is SO much softer than the street.) Please drop me a message, or a bone. I'll be back to lick your face in gratitude.

Cheers ~

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