Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Big Thank-You Wag to my PR aides

My sharp doggy ears received word that our humble 1-minute film garnered a wide audience all the way from Guang Dong, China to Down Under. A wonderful French fellow named Vincent Didier posted it on his blog amidst all sorts of interesting stuff from all over the world. ETTF and Inspiration Room are another two sites to add me to their choice selections. And the marketing folks are on to it too, apparently! I wonder if my human companions have seen these:

ADOI magazine, which is apparently very popular with the ad people who made the commercial

Marketing Interactive, which keeps tabs on the latest in digital advertising - so I'm told

Vincent Didier's feature starring moi; he also did a short write-up on his opinion of it. Wish I understood French!

Me again on, which covers everything under, over & on the sun - hence the interesting tagline of 'Everywhere you want to be'.

One of the online hubs for the gathering of creative minds: the Inspiration Room

As if that's not enough,the film also hit Number 1 on Google search...

Wet, fuzzy kisses and furry cuddles to you all.
I remain: the ever-charming, snack-stealing


P.S Watch out for more news of my doggy dominion on and offline!


  1. Waiting for more updates!! Congrats

  2. Thank you so much. I owe you guys for your support =D