Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Big Film Debut

One glorious minute for me, one big leap for petkind. The commercial for SPCA Malaysia is up & running, so go watch ! And share it with your friends - and aunts, and grandparents, and anyone who is vaguely fond of animals. The rest of the work is mine; I'll do the charming, you just do the clicking.


p.s. Link here if you can't load the vid below:


  1. Somehow not as I expected, just didn't really like the condom part, but everything else, superb!! 2thumbs from me

  2. Thank you! well i have no control as to what the humans in charge do with the script. at least it gets the message across to more people.

    still, glad u enjoyed some of it! =P

  3. I really liked your add! It was an awesome way to create awareness.